Best friends Jason Leb and Mitch Adler decided to chance their friendship and go into business together. They put their complimentary skills to good use (Jason’s a VP sales from the logistics world and Mitch managed a high-end fashion brand and built flagship stores across Canada) to start a logistics company that would ideally make shipping easy. 

Jason and Mitch poached the best and the brightest from their previous worlds.  Fast forward a bunch of years and you have a growing team of folks that have been working together for close to 20 years. Now that’s a family! 

Our Mission: Shipping Made Easy

Together we strive to make shipping easy; it’s our motto. It’s not magic- this is how we do it…

Saving you money

Continually providing our customers with the best rates with the leading carriers. We work hard to ensure that our customers have access to the most reputable carriers (like FedEx, Purolater and DHL) and receive discounts without worrying about volume.

Customer support

Our customer support team is the cornerstone of DLVRD. They are shipping solution makers, on hand to ensure that your worst logistical nightmares are solved. 


Our proprietary shipping system ensures you have the most pleasant shipping experience. It’s your one stop shipping spot.