Installing the DLVRD App

Steps for a Shop owner to configure the integration using a “Private App”.

In order to configure a Shopify integration four pieces of information will be required:

1. The Shopify Domain
2. The API Key
3. The API secret key
4. The Admin API access token

The Shopify Domain is typically ““.
To obtain the remaining information follow these steps.

Creating the App

1- Click on Apps in the main shop management menu.

2- Then click on Develop apps.

3- Then click on Create an app.

4- In the pop up, provide a name for the app (which will be used to describe the shipping system) and select your contact email.

5- Next, you need to configure the Admin API which we will use to connect with Shopify. Click Configure Admin API Scopes to begin.

6- Here you must add some permissions. Check the following permissions:

  • read-assigned-fulfillment-orders
  • read-fulfillments
  • write-orders
  • read-orders
  • read-shipping
  • write-shipping

7- Click Save to save the permissions.

8- Now you will need to collect the API credentials. Go to the API credentials tab and collect the API key and the API secret key.

9- Then click Install App and confirm by clicking on Install.

10- You will now see an Admin API access token. You will need to collect this by clicking Reveal token once.

You will need the the API Key, the API secret key and the Admin API access token.
Submit information to your support provider.

1. Your shop domain
2. The API Key
3. The API secret key
4. The Admin API access token