DLVRD’s Guide to Shipping Made Easy

Start shipping with us in just 5 easy steps!  Simply create an account to access the client dashboard and follow our quick start guide below to truly understand how DLVRD is shipping made easy.

Step 1: Set-Up your Shipment

Once you login to your DLVRD account, go to “Create Shipment” and enter as much information as possible about your shipment including:

  • where it’s leaving from (“Shipper”)
  • where it’s going (“Consignee”)
  • if it’s a package or just papers
  • if it’s your own box or do you already have a carrier box or envelope that you’d like to use package weight and size
  • if it’s valuable- do you want insurance?
  • If it’s crossing the border, who’s paying the duties?

Try to be as accurate as possible as this will affect the rates that are generated.

Step 2: Choose your Carrier + Service

This is the fun part! Our proprietary software will show you all of your shipping options from the leading carriers (like FedEx, Purolator and DHL) in an easy to compare format (similar to shopping for the best airfare on a travel site).
Simply choose the carrier with the best rate and desired service (the expected ETA will even appear if available). We will even show you your discount and the money you save!

Step 3: Confirm your Shipment

This is as easy as it gets- if you’re satisfied with everything, simply click “Confirm Shipment”. If you think you made a mistake, you can go back by pressing the blue “1” above “Construct Shipment”.

Step 4: Book your Pickup

Let the carrier know when you’d like them to retrieve your package. Include any pertinent location details i.e. use side door, door code or suite number.

Step 5: Print your Waybill

For international shipments, print three copies of your waybill and three copies of the commercial invoices. Insert them into the clear plastic pouch (aka a labelope) attached to your carrier envelope or box. For regional shipments, one copy is sufficient. Rookie mistake- taping your waybills to your package! If you’re using your own box, the driver will have a clear pouch available for you.
We need to advise customers that labelopes are needed and that drivers won’t always have them available. This could create a problem. Is there something we can do?

Second thoughts?  If you want to cancel your shipment, click “Void Shipment” from the client dashboard.

You may wonder- what happens after I create my shipment?  Through our system, you can view all of your shipments and whether or not they’ve been delivered.

Have a question that we didn’t answer here?  Our customer support team is ready to help 1-800-514-0536 or help@dlvrd.com.