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Damaged packages are unfortunate, and we try our best to avoid them. Nevertheless, sometimes damages are inevitable.

The most common causes of shipping damages are:

1.    Improper packaging (envelope vs. box vs. packs)
2.    Too much empty space in the package
3.    Not enough cushioning material
4.    Use of old boxes
5.    Improper handling 
6.    Changes in temperature or inclement weather along a shipping route

If you find yourself in this situation, you may be able to file a claim with the carrier. Please keep in mind that some contents do not qualify for damage refunds due to their fragile or perishable nature; certain items are considered at the shippers’ risk. When filing a claim, know that you cannot make a claim for more than the declared value. Contact out Shipping Specialist for more information regarding damaged terms and conditions.

If you decide to file a claim, keep the item and its packaging in case they’re required for the claim assessment and follow these guidelines:

–    If you are the recipient, inform the sender that the item was damaged upon receipt
–    Locate the tracking number
–    Find out if the item is on the non-insurable contents list, our Shipping Specialists can help you with this
–    Be sure to have the receiver’s information handy
–    Prepare a description of the contents including the value and the insured amount
–    Provide proper documentation (i.e. cost of goods invoice)
–    Send pictures of the content (before and after images are ideal)

Understandably, we’d like to not find ourselves in this type of situation, so here are some tips to avoiding damaged packages:

–    Choose the correct packaging
–    If you’re shipping fragile items, use a FRAGILE sticker
–    Fill empty space in the packaging
–    Wrap every item with care
–    Be sure to use enough cushioning material
–    Take a picture of the package and the contents
–    In case all else fails, get insurance

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COVID-19: What’s Changed

  • Deliveries requiring a signature now require verbal consent instead of a signature
  • Duties & taxes paid by the receiver will need to be done online or on the phone
Please be aware that safety recommendations can and will change. You can count on us to keep you up to date with pertinent information. We encourage you to contact your recipients to verify whether their location is still open or able to receive deliveries. Be sure to frequently check the alerts section on the DLVRD homepage.

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