6 conseils en matière d’expédition de Dev et Ed

You probably already know Dev & Ed, DLVRD’s very own mascots. They’re always helping each other with shipping advice, making shipping easy and of course posing for our social media posts. They come to this edition of the newsletter, for our newest feature, Dev & Ed’s Do’s and Don’ts.

1.    DO, plan your shipments in advance. This will ensure the consignee receives their shipments on time and avoids delays.

2.    DON’T, lie about the package measurements. Carriers always double check and this may add surcharges to your bill.

3.    DO, schedule your pick-ups within a large enough window. The best time to schedule a pick-up is between 2pm and 5pm.

4.    DON’T, try to ship live animals or dead animals. It is prohibited and considered a non-approved restricted item.

5.    DO, ensure that the shipping label is correct. Since that is how the carrier locates the receiver’s address.

6.    DON’T, use the same packaging for every product. Always find the best packaging to ensure the contents are safe. 

That’s it for this edition The Missing Vowel, we hope you enjoyed and we invite you to check out our Instagram and follows us for more of Dev & Ed’s shipping advice.

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COVID-19: What’s Changed

  • Deliveries requiring a signature now require verbal consent instead of a signature
  • Duties & taxes paid by the receiver will need to be done online or on the phone
Please be aware that safety recommendations can and will change. You can count on us to keep you up to date with pertinent information. We encourage you to contact your recipients to verify whether their location is still open or able to receive deliveries. Be sure to frequently check the alerts section on the DLVRD homepage.

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