Avoid Unwanted Exceptions and Delays – DLVRD

Avoid Unwanted Exceptions and Delays Today, Dev & Ed teach us the best ways to avoid unwanted exceptions and delays. Here they share with us their most favorite shipping do’s & don’ts. 1.    DON’T finalize your shipment before double checking the receiver’s information. 2.    DO fill in the commercial invoice in detail including quantity, material, color, description … Read more

6 Top Do’s and Dont’s When redirecting a package

6 Top Do’s and Dont’s When redirecting a package You probably already know Dev & Ed, DLVRD’s very own mascots. They’re always helping each other with shipping advice, making shipping easy and of course posing for our social media posts. They come to this edition of the newsletter, for our newest feature, Dev & Ed’s … Read more

DLVRD’s Shipping Hacks

DLVRD’s Shipping Hacks This week we answer the all-important question, ‘can my package be redirected once it’s in transit’? And the answer is yes (most of the time)! When redirecting a package, we highly recommend contacting one of our Shipping Specialists.Provide the corrected address and remember, the carriers require complete address information including zip code, … Read more

C.A.R.M. – Importing of Goods into Canada Mandate

C.A.R.M. – Importing of Goods into Canada Mandate Dear Client, The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Revenue Management (C.A.R.M.) has introduced a mandate regarding the importing of goods into Canada. As such, Canadian importers are required to have a bond for imported goods. The new CARM program will affect your day to day importing … Read more

Package Damages Regulations – DLVRD

Package Damages Regulations Now You Know Damaged packages are unfortunate, and we try our best to avoid them. Nevertheless, sometimes damages are inevitable. The most common causes of shipping damages are: 1.    Improper packaging (envelope vs. box vs. packs)2.    Too much empty space in the package3.    Not enough cushioning material4.    Use of old boxes5.    Improper … Read more